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    This course is an in-depth study of textural, colouristic writing for orchestra. Through a high level of detail and detailed steps, OTL 3 is the road-map to master every element of textures, gestures and runs in order to write and use them like the great composers.

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    “Composer Ear Training: Diatonic” is ear training for composers who want to be able to write what’s in their head without needing an instrument, or to simply be able to access their ideas with more ease and fluency to their instrument or DAW.

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    Orchestrating the Line 2 is a thorough, systematic course covering the building blocks of orchestral accompaniment writing. You’ve learned harmony and voice-leading, counterpoint and instrument ranges but can’t put the pieces together in you writing? This course is designed to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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    Practical Counterpoint teaches your real-world counterpoint that you can use in your music right away. This is not a bunch of dry, outdated rules but usable, creative steps to mastery of both counterpoint and the creative process for any style of music.

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    Designed to take what you learn in orchestration textbooks and give you the tools, techniques and clear steps to harness your knowledge of orchestration so you can create detailed, organic and fluid orchestration like the greats: Ravel, Elgar, Tchaikovsky, Korngold and John Williams.

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